SDN controller RunOS
The best performance among all open source controllers
RunOS is an OpenFlow SDN controller with the best performance among all other open source controllers. RunOS is an open source project with a flexible system of applications development.

Switches of many vendors are already integrated with it:
Key features:
Conflict control system in the network applications rules
Highest performance
Administrator's GUI
Wide range of network services and applications for transport networks
RunOS with basic functionality is available on GitHub:

- В2С, VPN (P2P, MP, GRE, IPSec), B2B
- Multicast
- Storm Control
- InBand /OutOfBand
- VLAN translation
- Topology auto discovery
Operating modes:

- Active/StandBy
- All types of network topologies support
- Fast failover back-up (local)
- Active paths back-up (via controller)
- Troubleshooting (RSPAN/ToController)
Quality of Service (QoS):

- Priority Queuing, WRR, Rate-Policy, Ingress QoS, metering
- Per client rate limiting
- Maintaining of any number of queues
- Dynamic changing of the number of queues
Supported services:
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