RunSDN: SD-WAN and Transport SDN solutions
RunSDN is an innovative company focused on developing end-to-end Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions for Carriers and Enterprise.
About SDN technology
The idea of a classic network architecture is step-by-step data traffic transmission through a series of network elements, or nodes. Every node performs complex computation, implementing route management (Control Plane) and data transmission (Data Plane) in a network.

idea of Software-Defined Networking is to decouple Data Plane and Control Plane, and move control functions to a unified network SDN controller, enabling management to become directly programmable.

We believe in SDN because it proved to be an architecture that is flexible, easy-to-manage, cost-effective, and easy-to-scale, which makes it an ideal technology for modern business requirements.
RunOS is an OpenFlow SDN controller with the best performance among all other open source controllers. RunOS is an open source project with a flexible system of applications development.
RunAR is a software OpenFlow switch that runs on standard x86 servers with a set of NICs (network interface card) with performance limited only by capabilities of its hardware platform.
SDN controller RunOS
OpenFlow switch RunAR
Our products
Based on this platform, we offer SD-WAN solution for Enterprise and Transport SDN solution for Carriers.
Our key product is SDN Management platform that consists of SDN controller RunOS, integrated with switches of many vendors, and Software SDN switch RunAR.
The software-defined wide area network – or SD-WAN – is an overlay network architecture based on SDN that provides a reliable, centralized connectivity over any transport (Private Network, Wireless Network, Internet). The distinguishing features of SD-WAN are centralized management, complete enterprise visibility of applications and services, and policy control. SD-WAN is useful if you need to connect several branch offices into a central corporate network. Due to its software approach, SD-WAN provides ease of deployment, central manageability and reduced costs.
Transport SDN
Transport SDN means the application of SDN to transport layers of a service provider. It provides full visualization of a network with the SDN controller that manages all domains and layers via the GUI. Using the analytics, resources may be optimized across several networks and a network itself can adapt to the current needs: answer all customer requests or change traffic patterns depending on a situation. Being vendor-agnostic, Transport SDN solution means cost savings and easier network management.
RunSDN solutions help to significantly reduce the costs of networks maintaining, scaling and developing, and allow to simplify SDN implementation by offering vendor-agnostic end-to-end solutions.
Our partners
We are proud to have associations with a large variety of industry leaders.